How Do You Kill Brown Ants?


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Brown ants are a nuisance and can be a health hazard. There are several types of brown ants that are found inside the home, such as the odorous ant, pharaoh ant, Argentine ant and Caribbean crazy ant. Ants live in colonies or nests and are attracted to an untidy house or yard. If you are dealing with ant problems, there are several ways you can kill them.

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  1. Clean your house and sanitize surfaces

    Make sure that counters and floors are cleaned. Remove clutter that may be appealing to ants. Place dry goods in sealed containers. Store food and sugar in closed canisters.

  2. Set up bait stations

    Purchase bait stations that have the insecticide inside the unit. Set up the unit so that the ants can walk in, make contact with the insecticide, and go back to the nest where the rest of the colony will get infected.

  3. Use sticky barriers

    Place sticky barriers in ant trails so that the ants will get stuck in the glue-like substance as they walk onto the platform. Throw away the plastic traps as the ants die.

  4. Call an exterminator

    Call for professional help if you're not successful in killing the ants. Make sure you hire a qualified person. Verify that the exterminator has valid licenses for powerful poison controls.

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