How Do You Kill Boll Weevils?

There are a number of ways to kill boll weevils in the home, but vacuuming is the most readily available method. Because boll weevils are typically found inside the home, avoid using chemical sprays because it contaminates food and poses other health hazards.

Before starting, gather a mask and plastic gloves and close all doors and windows. Empty any food that has been infected into a plastic bag. Next, use a vacuum on infested areas, and be aware that boll weevils will scatter as soon as they feel threatened. They must be vacuumed up as quickly as possible because otherwise they will hide somewhere else inside the house. Before vacuuming any wooden cabinets, tap firmly on the side of the cabinets to ensure discovery of boll weevils hiding in small crevices. Place all vacuumed materials into plastic bags and then dump the bags.

After vacuuming, clean infected areas with a mixture of water and disinfectant spray. Use a sponge and the mixture to clean the infected areas. Repeat this process over a course of two days. Prevent future home infestations by making sure all food is properly stored, using containers and freezing foods when necessary. For areas of repeated boll weevil infestation, place washcloths soaked in vinegar in order to drive the boll weevils away.