How Do You Kill Black Ants in Your Kitchen?

How Do You Kill Black Ants in Your Kitchen?

Killing black ants in the kitchen can be done simply with a dish soap solution spray, with commercial chemical sprays such as Raid, or by setting baited traps like the Combat Quick Kill. Killing the visible black ants is just the first step, as once you get rid of them, you have to keep the next wave from coming back. The best solution is one that both kills and deters the ants from coming back.

  1. Squirt ants with dish soap solution

    Mix 2 tablespoons of soap in a pint of water. Put it in a squirt bottle, and squirt the ants wherever you find them. The solution makes it impossible for them to breathe.

  2. Spread diatomaceous earth

    Spread food-grade diatomaceous earth in cabinets, corners, drawers or wherever ants have been found. This fine powder fatally dries out ants' bodies and prevents the arrival of new ants. An alternative is to use Terro Ant Dust, which works on the same principle but is slightly messier.

  3. Place ant traps

    Put commercial quick-kill ant traps along baseboards and windowsills, anywhere ants have been spotted entering the house. They should work overnight.