How Do You Kill Asian Beetles?

kill-asian-beetles Credit: tgpotterfield/CC-BY-2.0

Kill an infestation of Asian beetles using a combination of methods including vacuuming them up, drowning them in liquid soap, placing glue traps and spraying insecticide indoors and outdoors. Beware of traps that attract beetles using pheromones, as they may attract more beetles than they catch.

  1. Vacuum the beetles

    Use the hose attachment to vacuum beetles from light fixtures, windows and other areas where they congregate. Secure a nylon stocking inside the hose with a rubber band so the beetles are bagged within the stocking and can be easily removed and disposed of.

  2. Use light traps

    Use light to lure beetles to traps. However, the light does not kill the beetles, so drown them in liquid soap afterwards.

  3. Use glue traps

    Place glue traps on window sills and near light fixtures. The beetles get stuck on the traps and die. Replace the traps as needed.

  4. Use indoor insecticide

    Spray a pyrethrum-based fog in indoor areas where other extermination methods have not been effective. Clear the room as much as possible, close all windows and doors, fog the room, and stay outside as long as the directions on the sprayer indicate.

  5. Use outdoor insecticide

    Check the soil under your lawn in late summer if you are experiencing repeat infestations. If you find an abundance of beetle grubs, treat the lawn with an insecticide that kills grubs.

The Asian lady beetle varies in color from orange to red. It displays black spots and an M-shaped marking behind its head. Infestations of lady beetles usually begin in late September when the beetles are looking for places to overwinter.

Asian lady beetles do not infest wood or destroy property and clothing, but they do bite humans. They also emit a strong smell when threatened due to a defense mechanism called reflex bleeding, in which an insect leaks out a noxious fluid to warn predators. The fluid from lady beetles stains light surfaces and has a foul odor.

Lady beetles can fit through spaces that are one-eighth of an inch in size, so seal up gaps and cracks before September. Repair door screens and use rubber seals along the bottoms of doors to prevent lady beetles from entering the home.

Chemical pesticides are useful for killing outdoor lady beetles. Choose pesticides that contain chemicals such as bifenthrin, cypermethrin and permethrin. If lady beetles get inside, use a vacuum cleaner to capture and dispose of them. Pesticides are of no use indoors, because lady beetles can escape through holes in the walls and emerge again at any time.