How Do You Kill Ants and Yard Bugs?


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Using homemade soap and hot water sprays on infested areas can kill ants and yard bugs. The application of chemical pesticides is an effective way of killing insects and yard bugs.

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Homemade liquid detergent mixed with water produces a potent spray for killing ants and yard bugs. As stated by Eartheasy.com, this liquid is then sprayed on plants and materials under attack from the insects. It can also be applied on ant hills, which are the main habitat for ants. When sprayed on ants and yard bug's trails, hot water kills large populations of the insects. Hot water can also be used on walls and in areas that have no plants.

Chemical pesticides that contain deltamethrin are effective in killing ants and yard bugs. The chemical belongs to the pyrethroid family, which is ideal for pest control. Pesticides are available in either liquid or spray form, which helps in tracking the ant and yard bugs trail during application. They kill the insects by suffocating them, immobilizing them or by disrupting their vital body systems. According to the National Pesticide Information Centre, anyone exterminating ants and yard bugs using pesticides should follow the manufacturers' guidelines to prevent cases of body poisoning, and they should also wear protective gear to prevent exposure to the chemical.

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