How Do You Kill Ants the Natural Way?


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Ants can be killed and prevented with a natural solution containing vinegar and water. This method is simple, inexpensive, easy, and non-toxic. Additionally, this method is often effective because it produces a smell that deters ants and removes scent trails left by ants that aid in their maneuvering.

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  1. Mix together the solution

    Mix together in a spray bottle a solution of one part white vinegar to one part water. Fill the bottle with solution to ensure there is plenty to spray.

  2. Spray the points of entry and areas where ants gather

    Spray any areas throughout the building where you have seen ants, such as on or near counters, cupboards, tables, appliances and thresholds. Food sources are a very common travel destination for ants, including areas where there may even be only a few small crumbs. Look for any points where the ants enter the building and spray these with the solution to prevent more ants from entering.

  3. Repeat the spraying process

    Repeat the spraying process throughout the day for maximum effectiveness. If the spraying solution does not seem to be killing any ants, you may choose to increase the vinegar content. Wipe up any dead ants by using a damp paper towel or a vacuum sweeper.

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