How Do You Kill Ants in a Home?


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After identifying the particular type of ant infesting the home, erasing their trails and setting out the right type of bait kills the queen and the rest of the colony. Initially more ants appear in response to the bait but once the poison reaches the queen, the colony is doomed.

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Sweeping up crumbs, cleaning any spills with sugar and picking up debris makes a home less ant-friendly. Applying a vinegar and water spray (one part vinegar to three parts water) to the trail of ants gets rid of that scented path the ants are following.

The type of ant can be identified by an expert from a photo within a few days. Setting out bait that targets the right variety of ants is the next step. The number of visible ants is likely to increase because of the alluring influence of the bait, but as more ants return the bait to the nest, the death of the ants is certain. Eventually the queen takes the bait and dies, and the rest of the ant colony dies as well. After two weeks, if ants are still around, putting out new bait stations is a good idea. Preventing new infestations requires spraying any entry holes and cracks on a dwelling, as well as spraying a protective layer of insecticide on the walls of the foundation and under the first layer of siding.

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