How Do You Kill Algae on Houses?


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Kill unsightly algae on a house with oxygen bleach as it is nontoxic and completely safe for plants and animals. Mix the compound together, spray it over the affected areas, scrub and apply a biocide. Items needed are oxygen bleach, a hand-pump sprayer, a scrub brush and biocide.

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  1. Mix the oxygen bleach

    Oxygen bleach comes in powder form. It can be found at local stores or purchased online. Mix it with water, or dissolve it in warm water to create a water-like liquid.

  2. Spray the affected area

    Put the mixture into a hand-pump sprayer. Spray over the affected area. Allow it to soak before scrubbing. Make sure not to let the surfaces dry before scrubbing begins. Spray the solution on a cooler overcast day to prevent the surfaces from drying too quickly.

  3. Scrub the surfaces

    After the oxygen bleach has soaked in to the affected areas, scrub the surfaces with a scrubbing tool. Scrubbing is a necessary part of the process. The solution doesn't effectively clean surfaces on its own.

  4. Apply biocide

    To inhibit the growth of algae on the house, treat the areas with biocide, like copper and zinc. However, some surfaces, such as siding, can't be coated with biocides, so the only solution is frequent cleaning.

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