What Are Some Key Steps for Building Brick Porch Steps?


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Key steps for building brick porch steps include digging out an area 8 inches below ground level to create the foundation and adding enough water to the mortar to achieve the proper consistency. Always wear safety glasses when cutting bricks, and mix mortar in batches to avoid excess waste. Avoid adding water to mortar that is drying out, as it may not adhere to the bricks properly.

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When creating the foundation, add gravel to the site, and compact the soil to ensure a level surface before placing wooden boards into position above the gravel. Use a hammer and stakes to adjust the position and alignments of the boards before using concrete and rebar to finish constructing the foundation. Use a mason's trowel to apply mortar to the bricks and ensure that each row is level.

Assemble the bricks in layers, and fill the area behind each layer with concrete. Cut bricks as needed by marking the brick with the corner of a bolster chisel before placing the brick on a soft surface and striking the end of the chisel with a lump hammer. Use a cold chisel in order to ensure bricks have clean edges. Use a level throughout the construction process to ensure all steps and surfaces are flat with plumb lines along the sides.

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