What Are the Key Features of a Poulan Pro Fuel Line Diagram?


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Key features of a Poulan Pro fuel line diagram include the fuel tank, filter, carburetor and primer bulb, as detailed by ImgGrid.com. The diagram also includes the connections between the main parts of the system, including details of how to correctly assemble them. A detailed Poulan Pro fuel line diagram also provides a brief explanation of how the fuel system works.

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The hose with the smaller diameter connects the fuel tank to the carburetor. It usually has the fuel filter attached to one end while the other is fitted to the carburetor input. Another hose of a larger diameter connects the carburetor output to the suction end of the primer bulb. From the pressure end of the primer bulb, a section of the larger hose returns fuel from the carburetor back to the fuel tank.

The aim of the fuel system is to mix correct volumes of fuel with air, through the carburetor, to achieve optimal engine functioning. When small amounts of fuel are mixed with the air, the engine runs lean or may not run at all. It may also become damaged. If the amount of fuel is more than is required, the engine runs rich and may not start due to flooding. It may also produce a lot of smoke, run poorly or waste fuel.

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