What Are Key Differences Between Top Load Vs. Front Load Washers?


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Key differences between top-load and front-load washing machines are the location of the door, the amount of water each type uses and the presence or absence of an agitator in the machine. Cost also differs between the two types of washing machines.

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Laundry goes into the top of a top-loader and the front of a front-loader, so front-loaders are sometimes more difficult to access for people who have trouble bending. A front-loader uses far less water than a top-loader and is therefore more environmentally friendly. A top-loader uses an agitator, while a front-loader does not. The top-loader holds more laundry because of the absence of the agitator and is also easier on clothes. The initial cost of a front-loader is more than that of a top-loader, but it costs less to operate.

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