How Often Does a Keurig Need to Be Scaled?


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Keurig recommends that its machines be descaled, or cleaned, every three to six months. If the water used in the machine contains a high mineral content, Keurig recommends descaling every three months.

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How Often Does a Keurig Need to Be Scaled?
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Descaling removes calcium deposits that build up with regular brewing use. Failure to descale Keurig machines can result in less-than-desirable performance. Regular cleaning and descaling keeps Keurig machines brewing longer, according to the company.

Keurig machines can be descaled with Keurig descaling solution or with white vinegar. Descaling instructions and videos can be found on the Keurig website as well as other tutorials on Keurig machine care and cleaning. A link to these tutorials can be found at the bottom of the Keurig U.S. homepage, under the Helpful Info tab.

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