If Your Keurig Mr Coffee Machine Is Blocked, Can You Fix It Yourself?


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In most cases, it is possible for a consumer to fix a Keurig Mr. Coffee, or any Keurig model, if it becomes blocked. This is good news to those who learn they have an option other than throwing away a clogged coffee maker or paying money to have it repaired.

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If Your Keurig Mr Coffee Machine Is Blocked, Can You Fix It Yourself?
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To clean a blocked Keurig Mr. Coffee maker, it is important to start by unplugging the unit from its electrical outlet. The next step is to disassemble the coffee maker, removing the water tank, lid and K-cup holder. After washing the pieces in soapy, warm water, the person repairing the machine should take a partially unbent paperclip and insert the straight end into the holes along the needle that punctures the top of the K-cup and move it around a bit. The next step is to turn the machine upside down and tap the bottom several times with the palm of the hand. This helps to loosen any clinging debris.

After drying all the parts, it is time to reassemble the coffee maker. To ensure the water line and needle are truly free of debris, many people pour diluted white vinegar into the water tank and run it through until the tank is empty.

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