Which Keurig Home Brewing Machines Are Recalled?

Keurig recalled its MINI Plus Brewing Systems machine, which has a model number of either K10 or B31, in December 2014. The company recalled 6.6 million units of this machine in the United States because it found that water could overheat during brewing, causing it to spray out and burn users. The recalled units were manufactured between December 2009 and July 2014, and have serial numbers that begin with 31.

The recalled units might have been purchased at stores that include Target, Kmart, Walmart and others across the country, as well as online. Keurig advised consumers who own a MINI Plus Brewing Systems machine manufactured during this period of time to contact the company, which would send a repair kit that included a new handle attachment and a new K-Cup holder.

Keurig said that, while waiting for the repair kit, it was still safe to use the machine, but advised consumers to avoid brewing more than one cup of coffee in rapid succession and to stand away from the machine while it was brewing. The company said that it learned of about 90 incidents in which customers reported burn injuries from using the machine, and about 200 incidents of hot liquid escaping when the machine had been used to brew two cups of coffee in a row.