What Is a Keurig Coffee Maker?


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Keurig coffee makers are a line of coffee- and tea-brewing appliances produced by the company Keurig Green Mountain. The most well-known Keurig machine is the K-Cup Brewing System, which is touted for its fast and effortless output of a single serving of coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

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The K-Cup Brewing System gets its name from its primary feature: disposable, single-serving K-Cups, each containing either coffee, tea or a variety of other beverages. For environmentally-conscious customers and those with a favorite beverage not offered as a K-Cup, Keurig also sells the My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter.

This system is acclaimed for being easy to use and extremely time-efficient. Disposable K-Cups are inserted into the machine, where they are punctured with a needle, while reusable cups come with a hole for the needle. With the press of a button, the Keurig brewer heats water from a reservoir and streams the hot water through the needle, into the K-Cup, and to a coffee cup or travel mug.

Keurig has achieved widespread popularity since the release of the K-Cup Brewing System and related accessories. The company has since produced a number of K-Cup Brewing System models, such as the Keurig 2.0 Brewing System, which can brew either a single K-Cup or a whole carafe, using a K-Carafe. Keurig also produces other coffee makers, including commercial brewing systems and the Keurig Rivo, a cappuccino and latte maker.

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