What Is a Keurig Coffee Machine?


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A Keurig coffee machine is a no-mess coffeemaker designed to brew a single cup of coffee with just the touch of a button. The grounds come in a sealed, single-serving unit called a "K-Cup."

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Each K-Cup is a small plastic canister containing a coffee filter and a single serving of coffee grounds inside. The container is sealed air-tight with a combination of plastic and foil. When placed in a Keurig coffeemaker, the machine punctures both the top and the bottom of the K-Cup and sends hot water under pressure through the grounds and filter. The fresh coffee gradually pours into a mug or cup that has been placed in the brewer. Initially used only for coffee, K-Cup varieties now include tea, hot chocolate, iced teas and other drinks.

The coffeemaker and K-Cup portion packs were invented by Peter Dragone and John Sylvan, two former college roommates who founded Keurig in 1990. Eventually joined by Dick Sweeney in 1993, the three entrepreneurs built prototype after prototype before perfecting the system they believed to be the finest method for consistently brewing a superlative cup of coffee. The name of their brewing system and their company, Keurig, is derived from the Dutch word for excellence.

Keurig's first brewer, the B2000, was made for office use and launched in 1998. The company's B100 home brewer was introduced in 2004, and new models continue to be developed, as of 2015.

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