Where Are Kenmore Progressive Vacuum Owner's Manuals Found?


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A Kenmore Progressive owner's manual may be obtained online through the Sears website. A manual can also be obtained through the Manual Owl website. It is best to have the exact item number available in order to locate the correct manual.

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The Kenmore Progressive upright vacuum has multiple features. It works well on both bare floors and carpet. People with allergies benefit from the HEPA filtration system, which traps dust, dirt and pollen so it does not recirculate into the air. Homeowners with pets enjoy easy cleanup with the Pet PowerMate attachment, which is designed to remove pet hair and dander from multiple surfaces quickly. The Kenmore Progressive upright vacuum has a 30-foot power cord, allowing users to vacuum most rooms without having to move outlets. A 14-foot hose and a telescoping wand allow users to clean higher places in the house easily, such as window treatments and ceiling fans. An LED light on the front of the vacuum indicates when the bag is full or the hose is clogged. Finally, the motor is designed to provide powerful beltless suction with minimal maintenance and repairs. The Kenmore Progressive canister vacuum has similar features. Instead of a 14-foot hose, the canister model has a 6-foot hose.

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