How Do Kenmore Front Load Washers Compare to Maytag Front Load Washers?


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Kenmore front-load washers and Maytag front-load washers are alike in many ways. Both brands feature stainless steel wash baskets, a large variety of wash cycles, many different capacities and steaming options to help remove stains and sanitize settings. Also, both brands are Energy Star® certified.

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There are many differences between Kenmore front-load washers and Maytag front-load washers and even more differences within the brands themselves. The number of wash cycles varies between washers; Maytag washers can have up to 11 while Kenmore washers often have 14. Kenmore washers come with a 1-year general warranty covering parts and labor. Maytag washers have a 10-year limited warranty. The NSF-certified sanitize setting in Kenmore washers kills 99.9 percent of bacteria on clothing, as do the Steam for Stains option and Steam-Enhanced cycles from Maytag.

Maytag also offers the Allergen Cycle that gets rid of 95 percent of common allergens. Some Kenmore washers feature the Express Wash option, which finishes the cycle in 24 minutes. As of 2015, the higher-end Maytag front-load washers come in at around $1,300 to $1,500 while Kenmore front-loaders top out at around $1,200. The lowest-priced washers from Maytag and Kenmore are about $800 and $600 respectively, as of 2015. The exact features of each front-load washer vary according to model and brand.

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