Why Was the Kenmore Elite Recalled?

As of 2015, the most recent recall issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for a Kenmore Elite product was in 2012, for top-loading washing machines that shook excessively. The shaking, caused by an unbalanced load, could result in the drum coming loose, along with minor injuries or property damage.

Also in 2012, Kenmore Elite gas dryers were recalled because a gas valve in the dryers did not always shut off after a cycle. If the gas valve did not shut off, the dryer kept heating, leading to high temperatures on the interior and exterior of the dryer. The high temperatures posed a fire and burn hazard. The problem affected eight different model numbers.

In 2009, Kenmore Elite smooth top electric ranges were recalled because the surface heating elements could malfunction, posing a fire hazard. In certain cases, the surface heating element turned on by itself. In others, it did not respond to controls properly, either by not shutting down when the switch was turned off or not heating to the correct temperature.

In 2005, Kenmore Elite Trio Three-Door refrigerators were recalled because of a defective component in the condenser fan motor. The component could short circuit, overheating the fan and posing a fire hazard.