What Keeps Spiders Away?


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The most powerful scents that repel spiders are peppermint, citrus, cinnamon, cedar and tobacco. Other repellents include white vinegar, a sealed and clean perimeter, cats, citrus and cedar mulch or shavings.

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Burning a cinnamon candle can keep spiders at bay. One can also spray all the crevices and entry points of a house with peppermint or citrus oil mixed with water. Also, white vinegar mixed with water is a powerful spider deterrent. Spreading cedar mulch around a house, and hanging cedar shavings in dark places like closets will deter spiders.

Cats are notorious spider killers and will help keep a house's spider population under control. Finally, a clean and sealed perimeter of a house will keep spider habitats away from one's abode. To achieve this, clean away any bordering wood or leave piles, and properly caulk all doors and window sills.

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