How Do You Keep Stray Cats Away?


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To keep stray cats away, remove any food sources and sources of shelter, make them uncomfortable, and use water. If the problem is real bad, talk to your neighbors and use a commercial repellent.

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  1. Eliminate food sources

    Secure your trash cans, and eliminate any food sources available to the stray cats. If you have dog food outside for your dog, bring it in when you bring him in.

  2. Eliminate shelter sources

    Eliminate any outside clutter or brush stray cats are using for shelter. Board up any holes in your deck skirting.

  3. Remove sources of comfort

    Remove sources of comfort by landscaping with the stray cats in mind. Mulch with thorny bushes, pointed pebbles or layers of broken egg shells on top of your mulch.

  4. Use water

    When you see stray cats, shoo them away by squirting them with a water gun. Set up motion-activated sprayers for when you are not around.

  5. Talk to your neighbors

    Talk to your neighbors, and devise a plan that includes everyone working together to solve the problem. It is a good chance they are experiencing the same issue as you are.

  6. Use a commercial repellent

    As a last resort, purchase a commercial cat repellent and apply it according to the directions on the container.

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