How Do You Keep Skunks Out of Your Yard?


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Keep skunks out of your yard by removing attractants, sealing off potential denning areas, and creating an all-around unwelcoming environment for the pests. Natural repellents such as hot pepper mixtures and used kitty litter also help keep skunks away from your property.

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How Do You Keep Skunks Out of Your Yard?
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Open trash containers, pet food, bird feeders and compost piles are sources of food for skunks. Make sure your garbage cans have secure lids and feed your pets indoors. If you do feed your pets outdoors, remove the food as soon as the meal is over.

Seal off possible dens underneath porches and other convenient hiding spots. If you suspect an area is already a skunk den, seal the entrances with straw, leaves or similar material. If the filling remains after a few days, it is safe to seal.

If the filling has disappeared after a few days, seal off all but one possible entrances to the den. Then, continue to fill the single entrance with a straw or other soft material and line the entrance with a natural repellent such as kitty litter. This encourages the skunk to move to a more pleasant and welcoming home. When the straw filling remains undisturbed for an extended period of time, the skunk has left, and the last entrance is ready for sealing.

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