How Do You Keep Rugs on Carpet in Place?

keep-rugs-carpet-place Credit: Blend Images - Mike Kemp/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

To prevent area rugs on top of carpet from sliding, rumpling and curling at the edges, apply caulk to the bottom of the area rugs or place vintage canning jar seals between the area rugs and carpet. According to Apartment Therapy, these methods are relatively inexpensive and effective. They serve as a do-it-yourself alternative to more expensive, although equally effective, rug grippers available at many furniture and home improvement stores.

Apartment Therapy recommends purchasing a tube of acrylic-latex caulk from a hardware store and then applying dabs of it along the bottom of each area rug every 6 inches. The website urges those using this method to do so in a room that can be completely closed to prevent small children and animals from disturbing the rugs while the caulk cures and dries. Once the caulk has dried, the rugs are ready to be placed bottom-down on the carpet.

Another option is the above-mentioned canning jar rubber seal method. Apartment Therapy suggests sewing the seals directly to the backs of area rugs to provide traction. The seals, which are easily removable from jars, are washable and generally durable. These jars are often available in bulk at thrift stores at relatively low prices.