How Do You Keep Roaches Away?

How Do You Keep Roaches Away?

Keep roaches away by locating the nest, getting rid of paper product stashes, putting food away, keeping the area clean, eliminating watering holes, caulking cracks and crannies and putting out roach bait. Apply pesticides only as a last resort.

  1. Find the nest

    Find the location of the roach nest by checking for egg sacs, shed exoskeletons and roach droppings.

  2. Get rid of paper products

    Get rid of stacks or collections of paper products, such as cardboard boxes, paper bags and piles of newspapers. Paper products attract roaches give them places to hide.

  3. Put away food

    Remove bread and fresh produce from open areas where roaches can get to them. Place these items in airtight containers.

  4. Clean the house

    Sweep and vacuum the house, especially at the nest location. Take out the trash. Scrub the kitchen where food and grease attract cockroaches. Keep the sink empty, put food away and keep the stove clean.

  5. Eliminate watering holes

    Keep puddles of water from forming that act as watering holes for roaches. Some of these places include the tray underneath a flower pot, the drip plate under the refrigerator and pipes and leaky faucets. Cover drains and faucets to keep roaches from entering for fresh water.

  6. Caulk gaps and crannies

    Fill any caps and crannies that roaches can squeeze into with caulk.

  7. Put out roach bait

    Put out roach bait or boric acid to get rid of any lingering insects. Only use pesticides if all other methods fail.