How Do I Keep My Refrigerator Running Efficiently?


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Increasing the temperature settings, turning of the ice maker, and checking the seal can help keep a refrigerator running efficiently, says About.com. Avoiding storing items on top of the fridge is also helpful.

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How Do I Keep My Refrigerator Running Efficiently?
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To save energy, set the fridge temperature to 37 degrees Fahrenheit, recommends About.com. This cuts unnecessary spending while still keeping food from spoiling. U.S. Government recommendations allow for refrigerator temperatures up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Turning off the refrigerator’s ice maker can save anywhere from 14 to 20 percent of energy usage, according to About.com. The website recommends using ice cube trays instead.

To check the seal on a refrigerator, close the door on a piece of paper. If it is possible to pull the paper out easily, energy waste is occurring. Adjust or replace the gasket to make the fridge run more efficiently, says About.com.

Storing items, such as cereal boxes, on the top of a refrigerator can hinder heat from escaping. This means the fridge has to work harder, which can cut its lifespan and negatively impact the electric bill, cautions About.com.

Other ways to help a refrigerator run more efficiently are turning off the anti-sweat heater, keeping the fridge organized, cleaning the condenser coils, keeping the fridge full, and allowing space for air flow. About.com also recommends not storing open containers in the fridge and moving it away from all heat sources, such as the oven, dishwasher, heating vents or windows.

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