How Do You Keep Rabbits Out of Flower Beds?


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Keeping rabbits out of flower beds requires a combination of repellents, barriers and diversions. Apply repellents by using a spray bottle or by hanging swatches of cloth sprayed with the repellent. Constructing fences as short as 2 to 3 feet can keep a rabbit out of a flower bed. Planting a rabbit's favorite food close by can be a diversion from munching on flowers.

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The scent of a possible predator around a flower bed can deter rabbits from entering. Blood meal and bone meal have scents that repel rabbits. They are also good fertilizers. Onions and marigolds can be planted in the flower bed since their odor is offensive to rabbits. Chili powder, soap or vinegar can be used, but over time, rabbits may become accustomed to these scents, making them less effective.

Rabbits can't cross fences, but they are able to dig under them. Burying the fence at least 6 inches under the ground can discourage this habit. Buried chicken wire can also be used to prevent digging.

Rabbits love to eat beans, peas, parsley, rosemary and clover. Planting any of these near the flower bed may help distract the rabbit from the plants the gardener wishes to preserve.

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