How Do You Keep Pond Water Clear?


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The Telegraph notes that pond owners usually use biological and ultraviolet filters to weed out unwanted elements such as fish excrement and unicellular algae. To combat the effects of blanket weed, stuffing barely straw into an old hay net and throwing it in the water helps clear the pond.

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The Telegraph explains that pond owners must remove the straw after an eight week period to prevent more nutrients from getting into the water. Twisting algae around with a long stick and removing it from the water is another way to clear pond water. Other effective options include using a clarifier pond conditioner, according to Petsmart. Pond conditioner is a good choice for owners who have fish in the water.

Garden Guides notes that setting up a buffer of grassy vegetation keeps pond water from taking in dirty elements. The grass also helps in cleaning water before it runs into the pond. This buffer zone should be as close to the edge of the pond as possible. Planting marginal plants at the shoreline prevents soil from reaching the water. Plants such as rushes and cattails are suitable choices.

Planting water lilies at the bottom of the pond shades the bottom, preventing algae from growing in the pond. Water lilies float on the surface, but rooted plants such as these have a tendency to overrun a pond, in which case placing the roots in pots filled with gravel is an option.

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