How Do I Keep Pigeons Off My Roof?


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To keep pigeons off of your roof, make roosting or nesting places inaccessible and flat surfaces unavailable. Netting, sheathing and wires block pigeons from the area. Pigeons are also repelled by reflective objects or kites featuring predatory animals.

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  1. Install wood or metal sheathing

    On roof or window ledges, install metal or wood sheathing at a 45- to 60-degree angle. The sheathing prevents the pigeons from landing on the ledges, as it makes the flat surface unavailable.

  2. Add bird wire

    Bird wires, which are thin steel cables suspended between small steel posts, keep pigeons off of railings, ledges, rooftops and awnings. Install the bird wire where needed.

  3. Install netting and cover vents

    To prevent pigeons from entering barn attics or other large areas, add netting over the entrance. For smaller entrances, like vents, cover them with rust-proof wire mesh.

  4. Scare the pigeon or make it uncomfortable

    Reflective objects scare pigeons, so install Mylar streamers or balloons. A hawk kite also scares away pigeons. For the best results, keep scare objects mobile; an owl or hawk figurine that stays in one spot is not effective for long. To make the pigeon uncomfortable upon landing, use electric strips that provide a mild shock.

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