How Do You Keep Mosquitoes Away?

To keep mosquitoes away, avoid flowery and fruity scents, use repellent plants, remove old water dishes, apply essential oils to the skin and wear light-colored clothing. Commercial mosquito repellents may be an effective solution in some cases.

  1. Avoid fruity or flowery scents

    Avoid using laundry detergent, fabric sheets, deodorant, perfume or any other personal-care products with a fruity or flowery scent. Instead, opt for organic products with natural scents like lemongrass, mint, rosemary, clove or eucalyptus.

  2. Use repellent plants

    Mosquitoes dislike the scent of certain plants, including marigold, rosemary, lemongrass and garlic. Planting these near high-traffic areas can effectively drive mosquitoes away.

  3. Empty standing water

    Mosquitoes breed near standing water, so pour out any cups, bowls, cans or containers of liquid. Make it a point not to leave water unattended for long periods of time.

  4. Repel mosquitoes with essential oils

    Essential oils made from eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass, clove and tea trees all have repellent properties. Dilute the oils with water, and then apply them to the skin.

  5. Avoid dark clothing

    Because mosquitoes use night vision to locate potential prey, wearing dark clothes can be an attractant. In areas with a mosquito problem, wear light-colored clothing that covers all of your bare skin.