How Do You Keep Moles Out of Your Yard?


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To keep moles out of a yard, the first step is to set traps for getting rid of moles currently in the yard and then employing the barrier method, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Improving soil drainage also discourages moles in yards.

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How Do You Keep Moles Out of Your Yard?
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The best way to keep moles away from a yard is to trap them, according to the University of California. The easiest type of trap available on the market is the harpoon trap. Digging out a section of one of the mole's burrows that is about 10 inches across helps to locate the tunnel, which shows the best place for the trigger pan for the trap, as stated by Ask the Exterminator. Trapping works best in the spring and autumn, as stated by Scotts.

Another strategy for driving moles away is to make the soil less mole-friendly. Moist, soft soil attracts moles, and so watering just once a week maintains a healthy lawn without making the dirt wet enough to bring moles. Spreading chemicals that control insect and grub populations in the yard keeps moles from looking for food, as stated by Scotts. This combination of approaches motivates moles to look elsewhere to build their next burrow network.

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