How Do You Keep Mice Out of a Car in Storage?


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To keep mice out of a car in storage, clean out the car of anything that can attract mice, use different deterrent products and set out some mice traps. Before storing a car in a enclosed space like a garage, ensure that the car is completely free of debris, papers and any food sources. Mice are usually attracted to areas where there is food or items they can live or breed in such as cardboard boxes.

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Another method to keep mice out of a car in storage is using a variety of deterrents that can include fox urine powder under the car, mothballs, dryer sheets or peppermint oil. Mothballs and dryer sheets can be placed inside the car or engine compartment. Similarly, try to block access to any holes that may lead to the engine.

Car owners can also opt for placing mouse traps along the perimeter of a garage or inside it. If these options fail to work and mice do gain access to a car, then clean any droppings left behind. However, because these animal can carry germs and disease, take safety precautions when cleaning the car such as using a mask and gloves before using a bleach and water solution to disinfect the car interior.

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