How Do You Keep Your John Deere Lawn Tractor Maintained?


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Keep a John Deere lawn tractor maintained by scheduling and performing regular maintenance on the tractor's air filter, fuel filter, mower deck and spark plugs. All of these tasks are simple enough to be performed at home and generally cost less than $100 in parts and supplies as of 2015, although authorized John Deere dealers perform them for clients as well.

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Much of the information necessary to successfully maintain a John Deere tractor is located in the tractor's manual. John Deere tractor retailers and distributors also sell complete lawn tractor maintenance kits that typically cost less than $75 and include all of the parts necessary to clean and maintain a John Deere lawn tractor.

John Deere's website features comprehensive information on how to maintain lawn tractor filters and spark plugs, as well as information on how to properly change oil and lubricate the machine's inner mechanisms.

Another important step to maintaining a John Deere lawn tractor is properly winterizing the device when the cold season starts. Fogging the engine by spraying an oily mist into each cylinder helps to prevent corrosion caused by moisture left inside an unused engine. Experts recommend that the machine's battery be disconnected while it is not in use and that a fuel stabilizer be added to any remnant fuel.

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