How Do You Keep an Intertherm Heat Pump Clean?


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Routine maintenance and cleaning to keep an Intertherm heat pump clean includes replacing filters, cleaning damaged or dirty coils, and wiping down the outdoor condenser unit to remove debris or ice buildup. Wipe the air ducts of the unit down manually.

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Routine inspection of the parts of a Intertherm heat pump may also prevent the unit from malfunctioning due to buildup of dirt or pollutants. Inspect the filters, blowers, ducts and indoor coils for obstructions and dirt. To keep the heat pump clean, wipe down ducts and blowers with a damp cloth to remove grease or grime. If a refrigerant leak has occurred within the unit, hose down the outdoor condenser unit or use a sponge to remove buildup. Add lubricant to belts and motors to prevent wear and tear from air pollutants.

Coils may need to be routinely cleaned as well. Shut off the power and wipe down the outside of the coils leading from the exterior unit to the interior unit. A vacuum with a soft bristle brush may help to safely remove debris, leaves or small sticks. Clean the coils by inserting a hose with a spray gun moving from the inside to the outside of the coils to flush out any obstructions. The wires or motor fans should not come into contact with water when cleaning the heat pump.

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