How Do You Keep Geraniums Blooming?

Keep geraniums blooming by pinching off old blossoms and pinching back longer branches. This encourages bushier foliage development and more flowering. By removing dead blossoms, the geranium puts its energy into new growth production. For this reason, it is also important to pinch off any dead or diseased branches or leaves.

Anytime there are long branches that do not have any blooms present, these branches must be pinched back to encourage the development of more growing tips, which leads to more flowers. Geraniums are moisture-lovers, and it is important to keep geraniums moist and not allow them to dry out in between watering. However, it is also important that the soil drains well and that the roots of the geraniums do not remain soggy between watering.

Geraniums need at least six hours of sunlight each day, and when they do not get it, their blooming frequency is diminished. Ensure that the planting location is getting the proper amount of light, and if it is not, consider moving the geraniums to a different location. Fertilization is also key to continual blooming. A high phosphorus fertilizer is effective at encouraging blooming and should be used once or twice throughout the growing season.