How Do I Keep My Freezer Running Efficiently?


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To keep a freezer running efficiently, place the appliance away from the stove, oven and direct sunlight and maintain the freezer temperature at -18 degrees celcius, according to the uSwitch Energy Saving Guide. Inspect and clean door seals often to reduce cool air from escaping from the freezer.

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How Do I Keep My Freezer Running Efficiently?
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A freezer needs to run in a cool spot to operate efficiently, according to the uSwitch Energy Saving Guide. Avoid putting hot food in the freezer as it takes more energy to cool and freeze warm or hot food. Wait for the food to cool first. Freezers also run more efficiently when full. Fill the freezer with bottled water or newspaper to fill space because an empty freezer is cooling air and makes the appliance work harder.

Frequent inspections and cleanings help keep a freezer run efficiently and reduce energy bills. Ensure coils are working efficiently by moving the appliance at least 10 centimeters from the wall, recommends the uSwitch Energy Saving Guide. Vacuum the coils every few months after unplugging the appliance so dust does not disrupt the performance of the fridge or freezer. Clean and wipe down the door seals frequently to maintain a snug and secure door closing on the freezer. Seals can break down from wear and tear and allow cold air to release from the freezer when they are not properly maintained.

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