How Do You Keep Flies Off of Dogs?

How Do You Keep Flies Off of Dogs?

To keep flies off of dogs, dispose of fecal matter in the dog's environment, install fly traps or other preventative products around the home and ask a veterinarian about pest control products. Flies are common in rural environments, but they are also present in cities and suburbs.

Several fly species, including the blow fly and the rodent bot fly, bother dogs. Although flies are generally just annoying to pets, they can also infect open wounds by laying eggs.

Step 1: Dispose of fecal matter

Flies are attracted to decomposing organic matter, so eliminate all waste from the dog's environment. This might mean cleaning up fecal matter after the dog toilets in the yard, for example.

Step 2: Install fly-prevention products

Preventative products might include fly strips and container traps that attract flies and collect them for disposal. When the flies encounter the trap, they are immobilized or killed so they do not bother dogs in the vicinity.

Step 3: Inquire about medication

Some canine medications repel flies as well as other types of insects, such as fleas and ticks. Many of these medications must be prescribed by a veterinarian, so a visit to the vet might be necessary. Some medications are applied topically (usually to the skin behind the dog's neck), while others are ingested orally.

If a dog's open wound has been infected with fly eggs, veterinary treatment is essential. Keep the area clean and dry until a vet can diagnose and treat the problem.