How Do You Keep Flies Away Outdoors?


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To keep flies away outdoors, plant mint, seed the property with cloth strips soaked in citronella oil, repel blackflies with vegetable oil and sassafras, and repel whiteflies with baby shampoo. The supplies you need are mint, cloth strips, citronella oil, vegetable oil, sassafras essential oil, baby shampoo and spray bottles.

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  1. Plant mint

    Plant mint throughout the property. Monitor the plants, and trim them regularly to prevent overgrowth.

  2. Scatter cloth strips soaked in citronella oil

    Soak cloth strips in citronella oil, and place them throughout the property. Check the strips frequently, and add more oil when they dry out.

  3. Spray any nearby plants

    Fill a spray bottle with vegetable oil and sassafras essential oil to repel blackflies. Spray the mixture on grass and garden plants. Repel whiteflies with baby shampoo. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts baby shampoo and vegetable oil, and thin the mixture with water. Test the spray on one leaf of each plant you wish to spray. If the leaf does not turn brown, mist the entire plant, including the undersides of the leaves. Apply this treatment on cool, shady days so the oiled leaves do not burn in the sunlight. Spray the plants once a week.

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