How Do You Keep Fleas Off a Person?

The best way to keep fleas from biting humans is to keep them from infesting the home. Fleas do not bite humans when given a choice. They prefer pet animals, such as cats and dogs. Because of this, flea bites on humans are a sign of an infestation.

To keep fleas off of pets, owners should keep their pets away from unknown animals, as well as animals that have recently had fleas. Making sure grass is kept short is also important. Planting eucalyptus trees, which are natural flea repellents, is also effective.

If a pet in the home already has fleas, getting rid of them is the first step. This can be done with combs, drops or washes. Once the animal is free of fleas, all carpet, bedding and cloth associated with the animal should be washed or vacuumed several times. Regularly vacuuming areas where the animal sleeps and discarding those bags helps prevent the animal from getting fleas again, especially in combination with repellents on the animal's body.

In the case of an infestation in which humans are being bitten, there are flea bombs, sprays and traps that can be purchased and used. Exterminators can also be called if the bombs and sprays prove ineffective.