How Do I Keep Fabric Colors From Running?

To keep fabric colors from running, a person should always read the labels on fabric pieces, sort laundry into the three color categories, eliminate stains first, wash in cold water and use the correct detergent amount for the laundry load. These tips will help homeowners avoid the running and bleeding of colors in fabrics.

  1. Always read the labels on fabric pieces
  2. Every piece of fabric has its own label that tells owners how the fabric should be washed for best results. These labels are there for a reason and all homeowners should read the labels on their fabrics and clothing items before washing them.

  3. Sort laundry into the three color categories
  4. There are three color categories that all fabrics should be sorted into before washing: whites, dark colors and light colors. Mixing whites with other colors is the easiest way to eliminate the stark white and a get a muddied and murky white.

  5. Eliminate stains first
  6. Stains can cause colors to bleed and can also transfer in the washing machine. Remove stains before washing clothing.

  7. Wash in cold water
  8. Clothing should always be washed in cold water to avoid bleeding. Other fabric materials that come in light and dark colors should also be washed in cold water. White fabrics do not need to be washed in cold water though washing in warm or hot water may lead to shrinkage issues.

  9. Use the correct detergent amount
  10. When using too much detergent, colors start to get a worn and weathered look because the excess detergent attracts dirt. It can also cause bleeding of colors in some cases.