How Do You Keep Dirt Out of Well Water?


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Replacement well screens, filters and centrifuges are good ways to deal with the appearance of sand, grit or dirt in well water. Because dirt in well water can wear out a well pump in a short amount of time, the problem should be addressed as soon as possible. Depending on when the well was drilled and how it was put in, the possible solutions may cost a significant amount of money.

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When a well is drilled, a screen is placed around the interior of the well cavity. This screen may be made of steel, PVC or other materials, and has small openings that allow water to enter the well while keeping dirt, sand and grit out. As the well screen ages, it can allow more dirt into the well. Replacing the well screen can take a lot of time and effort, as it involves replacing the entire lining of the well.

Another way to keep dirt out of well water is to install small filters or centrifuges below the well pump that prevent sand or dirt from entering it. These devices require some maintenance, but if the well screen cannot be repaired or replaced, using such devices may be required. No matter which solution is chosen, a licensed well digger should be contacted immediately if dirt, sand or grit is found to be appearing in well water.

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