How Do You Keep Deer From Eating Your Roses?


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To keep deer from eating roses, try building a fence. Combine visual, olfactory and auditory deterrents to keep the deer unhappy, frightened and out of the yard.

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How Do You Keep Deer From Eating Your Roses?
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  1. Build a fence

    Fence in a rose garden to keep deer from devouring the blossoms. An 8-foot fence may help, or try two 4- to 5-foot fences one in front of the other. Consider planting unappetizing or thorny plants and shrubs on the outside of the fence to further deter deer.

  2. Add offensive smells

    Place things that smell bad to deer around rose bushes. Mothballs, human hair, blood meal, garlic, decaying fish heads and fabric softener sometimes repel deer. As these items lose their stench, replace them or try another repugnant scent.

  3. Add annoying noises

    Deer have sensitive hearing, so generating annoying or frightening noises may keep them away from roses. Try noisemakers, whistles, motion-activated radios or even firecrackers to scare deer and discourage their return. This method is best used when paired with another deterrent.

  4. Provide a visual deterrent

    Scarecrows that look like people make the deer think a person is in the garden. Adding scents such as hair or soap can make the deer believe they are smelling people as well. Other visual deterrent options include Mylar tape or balloons, flashing lights, and shiny plastic materials. Things that move, rather than stationary objects, may be more effective in battling deer.

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