How Do You Keep Cut Flowers Fresh?


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To keep cut flowers fresh, trim the stems and the lower leaves before placing the flowers in warm water that has been treated with a floral preservative. Top off the vase with more water and add preservatives as needed.

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  1. Prepare the water

    Measure enough water to fill a clean vase, and heat the water to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Add a commercial floral preservative to chemically balance the water and maintain the flowers' colors.

  2. Trim the stems

    Strip off any leaves that are in the vase because they can deteriorate and compromise the water quality. Just before placing the stems in the vase, cut a small portion off the bottom of the stems. Add the stems to the vase, and place it in a cool area for up to two hours. This process is called hardening, and it allows the stems to take up more water just after you cut them.

  3. Choose an appropriate location

    Place the vase in a location that is not affected by excess cold or heat. Do not place the flowers near fruit, which emits a gas that causes blooms to wilt faster.

  4. Add water

    Replace evaporated water each day as needed, and add a preservative to balance the fresh water. Cut the stems again before adding them back into the vase.

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