How Do You Keep Crows Away From Your Home?

How Do You Keep Crows Away From Your Home?

There are several ways of keeping crows away from your home; these methods include securing trash bins and containers, laying out bird netting, using bird harassment techniques and setting up scare devices. Crows typically choose to frequent places that give them free and easy access to food sources. Food scraps in compost piles, open trash bins and bags, and bird feeders are some common reasons that crows show up around houses.

The following shows a few ways to keep crows away from houses and yards:

  1. Check for food sources
  2. One of the usual reasons crows frequent an area is that they may have easy access to food. Search areas around the house, such as the trash or the compost heap, for any food scraps that the crows can get to. Pets should be fed indoors, or the owner should clean up after the pet is done eating. Secure and clean up these food sources to dissuade the birds from coming back.

  3. Harassment techniques
  4. Pre-recorded bird predator sounds played through speakers can be effective in keeping crows away. Commercially available recordings such as BirdXPeller Pro are marketed to be effective crow repellents for up to one acre square.

  5. Scare devices
  6. As smart as crows are, they still fall for scarecrows. Apart from this traditional scare tactic, other devices such as fake owls and snakes are also available. These scare devices will work well with pre-recorded bird predator sounds. It will also be a good idea to change tactics from time to time to keep the crows guessing.