How Do You Keep Coyotes Away?


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To keep coyotes away, install fencing around the perimeter of the property, and remove any food sources that may attract them. Aggressive coyotes should be trapped by a licensed nuisance wildlife control operator.

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To exclude coyotes from the property, install a chain link fence that is at least 4 feet tall. The effectiveness of the fence is increased by adding a strand of electrical fencing or a roll bar. Provide all domestic animals, such as chickens, with a roofed, fenced enclosure to prevent coyote attacks, and do not leave pets outdoors unattended.

If fencing is not an option, it is necessary to remove the available food sources on the property. Coyotes prey on rodents and other small animals, such as rabbits and voles, and eat ripe fruit. To reduce the coyote's available food sources on the property, store garbage in lidded containers, keep pet food indoors whenever possible, and use squirrel-proof bird feeders on the property. Homeowners with fruit trees should remove fruit as soon as it is ripe. It is also necessary to remove water sources on the property, and keep shrubs well-trimmed to eliminate possible shelters for the coyote and its prey.

Trapping is an option to eliminate aggressive or destructive coyotes, such as those attacking livestock. Contact a professional trapper if other methods of exclusion are unsuccessful, or if the coyote poses a danger to humans or animals on the property.

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