How Do You Keep Constant Pressure in a Well Pump?

The first step in solving well pump water pressure problems is to inspect the pump pressure switch. Turn off the pump. Locate the large center spring counter on the pump, and turn it clockwise following the manufacturer's instructions for adjusting water pressure. Turning it clockwise increases water pressure. If the water pressure is found to be adequate, inspect the pump for bugs, dirt, loose or broken seals or wires.

An affordable solution to resolving low water pressure from a well pump is to install a constant pressure valve. This valve automatically adjusts the water flow from the well pump to a predetermined pressure level. It cannot increase the overall rate of water flow in the home, but it is easy to install. A homeowner can choose to install a second water pressure tank to handle excessive overloading on the pumping system. This is considered a temporary fix to the problem. Professional installation is needed to ensure both tanks are compatible.

Replacing an older water pump with a variable speed pump is a more permanent solution. This type of pump automatically measures the need to pump additional water during times of excess demand. In addition to regulating and adjusting the water flow rate, it pumps faster when water use is heavy.