How Do I Keep Birds From Eating My Strawberries?


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The best way to keep birds from eating strawberries in a garden is with wire netting. Alternatively, spray a homemade pepper spray on them, attach shiny metallic tape to your plant or put the planter on a platform to deter walking birds and other animals.

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Here are ways to make your garden a less desirable target for animals:

  • Wire netting: A simple wire net put up surrounding and covering plants will prevent any small animals from getting access to fruits. The netting should be high enough above the plants that nothing sticks out that birds can reach. Use sticks or poles to keep a solid shape.
  • Cayenne pepper: Buy some cayenne pepper powder and sprinkle it over plants and berries. If birds taste it, they will not like it and will leave the berries alone. Wash berries thoroughly before consuming them.
  • Homemade pepper spray: Similar to cayenne pepper, a homemade pepper spray can be made from crushed up red or cayenne pepper that is mixed with a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and water. It can be conveniently stored in a spray bottle for easy use.
  • Metallic tape: Simply attaching a piece of metallic tape to a string on your plants can ward off animals. When the sun is bright, it will reflect off the paper and startle animals.

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