How Do You Keep Birds From Damaging Your Garden Vegetables?

How Do You Keep Birds From Damaging Your Garden Vegetables?

Use a physical barrier to keep birds from damaging garden vegetables. Bird netting protects fruits such as berries and tomatoes while inverted containers protect small seedlings from damage.

  1. Install netting

    Use bird netting around plants with maturing fruits to prevent damage. Lay netting directly on the top of plants or build a basic frame from wood or bamboo around the plant to prevent stems from getting tangled in the net.

  2. Cover seedlings

    Use an inverted container with ventilation to protect small seedlings from bird damage. Cut the bottom off a plastic milk jug or other plastic container, and place the container over the seedling without a lid. Glass jars and cloches can be used in cold climates to protect and warm seedlings, but this creates a greenhouse effect that may cook seedlings in a warm environment.

  3. Install deterrents

    Create an unpleasant environment for birds by installing visual deterrents in the garden. Build a scarecrow to keep crows out of the garden, or use Mylar balloons, old CDs or even plastic shopping bags on fences and poles. Birds are startled by the movement of these items and leave the garden. Purchase a fake screech owl that makes noise and moves frequently as a high-tech way to protect your garden from birds.