How Do I Keep Bees Away From My House?

According to Home Guides, there are two ways to keep bees away from a house: ensure nothing near the home attracts their attention; and, find and destroy their nearby nests. Homes that are close together may require a collaborative effort among neighbors to solve the problem.

There are three basic ways to eliminate a bee?s nest: physically remove the nest, apply insecticide directly to the nest, or use an organic approach. Either method requires wearing protective clothing, including a mask, long-sleeved shirt with the cuffs taped to gloves and cuffs of pants taped to the socks. The purpose of wearing this protection is to safeguard against accidental stings and injuries.

When using the insecticide approach, consider insecticide-dust labeled for indoor usage. The solution contains boric acid, bendiocarb or chlorpyrifos. Boric acid is the safest to use, but it takes longer to work than the other active ingredient options. In general, dusts are more effective than liquids because dust penetrates an entire nest. To eliminate yellow jackets that nest in the ground, pour a solution of dish or laundry soap and water into the entrance of the nest.

A more environmentally friendly method consists of using garlic to repel bees. Sprinkle powdered garlic generously around outdoor areas where bees are often present. Bees find this odor offensive; and, they feverishly attempt to avoid it. When applying garlic directly to bees, it can produce a fatal effect.