How Do You Keep Bats Away From the House?

Clean up any existing hiding places, and lay down moth balls to prevent incursions by bats. To find existing bat roosts, look for signs of their entry points, locate the points, install exclusion netting, and seal up the entry points while the bats are away hunting.

  1. Look for signs of bats

    Look for signs of bat habitation such as urine stains on the wall, bat droppings on the eaves or below a gap in the roof, and brown stains near a wall.

  2. Locate the bat entryways

    Starting in the places where you see signs of bats, look for cracks or holes through which the bats enter your house. Keep in mind that even big bats can squeeze through gaps as small as 3/8 of an inch.

  3. Install exclusion netting

    Install exclusion mesh in the major exit points for the bat, which allows them to crawl out but not back into your house.

  4. Seal all the holes and cracks

    Remove the exclusion mesh. Use caulking to seal up all the holes and cracks through which the bats were entering. For large entryways, install metal fascia to the area with steel screws.

  5. Clean out the area where the bats lived

    While wearing masks and gloves, thoroughly clean the areas of your house in which the bats were living. Place moth balls around the space as a repellent.