How Do Kebab-Making Machines Work?


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Kebab-making machines work by providing a cube into which the kebab maker places layers of food, then places the top and inserts the skewers through the holes. To separate the individual kebabs, the user must then use a knife to cut into the lateral slats. After completing the entire grid, the kebab maker removes the top and has up to 36 individual brochettes of kebabs ready to cook.

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Another type of kebab machine is the hydraulic kebab machine, which works with hydraulic pistons and a silent oil pump. This machine cuts, pierces, skewers and ejects kebabs automatically. This machine receives power from an electric board with alternating current and is for commercial-grade food production. While this is a metal machine, some kebab maker machines, known as kebab maker boxes, are made of nonstick, dishwasher-safe plastic. Both types of machines work with stainless steel or wooden skewers.

A kebab maker creates brochettes of virtually any desired ingredient, including meats, vegetables and fruits. The four sides and the top of the machine detach for easy removal of the skewers and easy cleaning. The main function of this machine is to reduce the amount of time required to cut individual pieces of food and put them on a skewer one by one.

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